Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mahdi Yusuf?

He writes code, and curates a weekly python newsletter Pycoder's Weekly. He also speaks whenever he gets the chance.

Some of his projects include Delorean and numbers.vim to name a few. He is also a strong believer in philosophy driven development.

What is Neckbeard Republic?

Neckbeard Republic is a screencasting site which focuses on the Python programming language and related software development tools. The term Neckbeard comes from know it all hackers with large beards (generally with poor hygiene) and even larger opinions. This term albeit male focused does not mean that females cannot possess equal if not greater knowledge. This term is mainly used as a theme and does not mean to exclude any race, gender, or creed.

Let's have fun and learn.

Do I have to give you my credit card?

All credit card data is stored and kept with Stripe who is a certified Level 1 PCI Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available. We only manage your subscription through the Stripe API.

What do I get for my subscription?

Access to all the screencasts in our catalog, and new weekly additions. You can also suggest upcoming topics.

Can I share my subscription?

A lot of time and planning goes into screencasts I would ask that you refrain from sharing. Again I can't stop you, but do the right thing!

When will new screencasts be released?

New screencasts will be released weekly. This shouldn't change often, but life does happen.

Refund Policy

Just email us here and we will refund your last month's subscription.